Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ireland, courtesy of two Eimear Cregan tackles, keep out the last wave of Azeri pressure and win the game 2-1; nervy ending but Ireland hold on and now look in great position to stay in the A division. They need just a point against Russia on Saturday morning to take one of those spots.

They can be denied should they lose and Azerbaijan or Scotland win by a few goals but this is a huge result, make no mistake.

69 minutes

Ireland hold out a few attacks; good overhead relives somepressure but it comes straight back with interest

68 minutes

Symmons yellow-carded, may be out of final game as second yellow of tournament. Was for breaking down an Azeri auto-pass.

65 minutes

Two Azeri penalty corners go a begging, Cleland saving the day

64 minutes

GOAL - Ireland 2 Azerbaijan 1 - Alex Speers gets the vital touch as Ireland just about complete a four on two. Emma Smyth feeds Alex Speers who plays across to Mega Frazer, her shot is half-blocked by Speers slides in to deflect. Seda Kheyirova gets half a touch but it goes over the line just before landing on Lisa Jacob's foot. Goal stands, though.

60 minutes

Lots happened since last internet disturbance; unfortunately not good news. GOAL for Azerbaijan in the 50th minute from Zhun Mammadova - great strike into the top right of Mary Goode's goal.

Since then, they've pounded the Irish goal and some calamitous defendings has almost seen the Azeris take the lead.

52 minutes

Brilliant ball from Michelle Harvey from right back finds Megan Frazer on the circle's edge, she controls but is forced wide by the defender and gives away a free.